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Nuclear Sector
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Nuclear Sector

The nuclear sector is one of the central business areas of the AST Group. Its experience in
this range is backed by projects in almost all German nuclear power plants. The important
projects of reference of the AST Group include work performed in the nuclear power plants of Biblis, Isar I and II, Grafenrheinfeld and Brodorf.

In nuclear power plants, safety is of crucial importance. There are high standards to be observed by the contributing companies, requirements regarding radiation protection and controls on the level of material and technology. The AST Group meets all these requirements at any moment owing to its TÜV-tested certified skilled workers on the one side and its internal quality standard on the other.

With regard to work in the nuclear sector, the AST Group is focused on welding technology, piping assembly and steel construction. It has the required specialised competence and the technical know-how required for all working phases regarding new construction, as well as maintenance and dismantling of Nuclear Power Plants.

Before the background of the changes in the range of nuclear energy that was induced by
the German politics, the orientation of the AST Group will increasingly be oriented at
nuclear projects abroad, a process which will be co-ordinated by the AST branch in Spain.
In this process, the AST Group is co-operating with the key corporate groups of Kraftanlagen München GmbH, Iberdrola Ingeniería y Construcción S.A. and Técnicas Reunidas S.A.