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Central Areas of Activity

Welding Technology, Piping Construction and Assembly

The technological expertise of the AST Group is focused in the areas of pipe welding, plant construction and assembly. All customary welding methods are in use. Piping and steel construction are also included in the major working areas of the company group, for instance in the realisation of large-scale projects in the chemical and petrochemical industry.

Nuclear area

In the nuclear area, the AST Group is holding the licence required for nuclear facilities
(under § 15 of the Radiation Protection Ordinance) and is involved in all German nuclear power plants. Approx 250 AST employees have undergone the necessary clearance from the side of the BND (Federal Intelligence Service) and are holding the required radiation protection ID cards.


As a service provider and an experienced partner of industry, the AST Group is active in the areas of engineering and assembly of industrial plants. The scope of engineering services offered by the AST Group ranges from planning through project controlling up to concrete realisation - and this for new constructions, rehabilitation, dismantling and shutdowns.

Real Estate AST Immoinvest GmbH

AST Immoinvest GmbH is specialized in the worldwide buying and selling of real estate and purchasing of land in their own name. The investment is in quality properties in good locations which in the medium and long term, achieve a positive return.

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